Map of Thailand

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We wanted a quick meal, had hoped to spend just a little and as always, we wanted it to be good. Yikes! What a tall order. We circled through the usual suspects and nothing clicked. Then Michele had a great idea. “Let’s try, Map of Thailand.”

If you have read a few of our posts, you know that our new weekend go-to breakfast spot is Koko’s Bakery on Payne Avenue. The buns are wonderful and we are slowly making our way through the scores of Chinese/Taiwanese bun variations. Each Saturday morning, we park next door, in front of Map of Thailand and each Saturday morning, one of us says, “This place looks cute, we should try it.” Finally we did and boy are we glad. Since the ownership swap at Mint Café, we’ve been without decent Thai food. We have found the replacement.

Because of the rush, we simply had an entrée. Michele fully enjoyed their version of Pad Thai, especially the extra-peanuty flavor. Jeff usually orders duck in Thai restaurants, but was drawn to the Mango Curry. Creamy, sweet and just the right amount of bite. Also of note were the human sized proportions. We both actually finished our meals with enough room for deep-fried ice cream dessert. Because no liquor is served and therefore no delightful Singha Thai beer, (the perfect complement to Thai cuisine) Jeff ordered the Iced Thai Tea and that proved to be a real treat. He may forego the Singha in the future!

Shortly before we left, the next table was served. A trio of beautifully presented meals was set down. Michele quizzed the waiter and made a mental note for our next visit, which may be as often as our trips to Koko’s, next door. Payne Avenue Cleveland, OH 44114 216-361-2220


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