Eatin’ Tapas in Las Vegas

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Taking Las Vegas by storm are an assortment of Tapas restaurants. During our last visit, we fully enjoyed José Andrés’ Jaleo. Past trips had us sample China Poblano, (also Jose Andres) the Chinese-Mexican mash-up small-plates eatery. This trip, Jeff visited Crush at MGM with a number of co-workers and later we both sampled Julian Serrano at Aria. In a city where the cost of dining is escalating to unheard of heights, tapas (small-plates) restaurants may be the only bargain left in town.

The great thing about Crush (aside from the food!) was the larger group. With more than two people, we were able to share some dishes, hoard some dishes and sample a larger variety of what the kitchen does best. We all shared roasted cauliflower and smashed fingerling potatoes mixed with crème fraiche along with a wild mushroom pizza. We followed the shared plates with individual dishes. Jeff fully enjoyed the Sea Scallop Benny, while the others ordered salmon, sea bass and a plate of Lamb Meatballs that ended up in the middle of the table and we each had one. Along with the excitement-filled menu, the drink listing featured a number of ciders. With guidance from the waiter, we each tried a different cider that worked well with our “Personal” dish. In general, Crush, crushed it.

Jeff and Michele decided to try the new Julian Serrano tapas outpost in the Aria hotel. While the food was almost as good as Crush, the service was the problem here. At Crush, we explained to the waitress what we wanted to share, what we wanted individually and how we wanted the courses delivered. Everything arrived perfectly. At Serrano’s, even after a similar discussion, dishes arrived on their own agenda. We both started with soup, each arriving separately. Michele enjoyed the Lobster Gazpacho. The Wild Mushroom Soup was a broth-base version, but Jeff liked it just the same. Next came Jeff’s Black Rice, rice mixed with squid ink and served with calamari and lobster. Then Jeff enjoyed the Huevos Estrellados, egg mixed with potato and chorizo. Both arrived and both were good, but Michele was still forced to wait for her Salmon with Truffle, topped with béchamel and wild mushrooms. It was so late, in fact that the waiter took the cost off the final bill. Each serving was very good and the evening would have been better, had they delivered the food as well as Crush.

Whether a trip to Las Vegas is required by work, or part of a raucous weekend, tapa can now be a wonderful way to keep costs down and enjoy a wide variety of tastes and treats. Las Vegas, it’s not just for gambling anymore! 2799 Las Vegas Boulevard, South, Las Vegas, NV 89109 702-891-3222 3730 Las Vegas Boulevard, South, Las Vegas, NV 89149 877-230-2742 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard, South, Las Vegas, NV 89109 702-698-7950 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard, South, Las Vegas, NV 89109 702-698-7900

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