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Slowly, slowly, we are extracting ourselves from pandemic-required isolation. Each of us have restaurants we want to revisit and others we want to try for the first time. Just before the shutdown we visited Bakersfield Taco. There was nothing really wrong with the place, but it was another “taco place” in a sea of “taco places” that were cropping up all over America as quickly as COVID spread through South Dakota after Sturgis. Bakersfield closed before we could offer an opinion and in a move that shocked us, the owners of Char in Rocky River decided to open Avo Modern Mexican in the same spot. Perhaps it was the hutzpah or the amount of press notice they received, but we both felt this was a spot we wanted to visit first.

On our first visit, Jeff fully enjoyed the Mole Chicken. It was a huge half-chicken that was obviously brined (just a touch on the salty-side) with a powerful and flavorful mole. It was mouthwateringly moist and tender. The flash-fried Brussel Sprouts were a perfect complement because of their slightly bitter nature. Beside the saltiness, the dish could have used something to make the plate more visually appealing. The dense brown and darkish-green were too monochromatic. A second visit was visually more appealing. The skirt steak slices were interspersed with potato wedges (Carne y Papas.) While somewhat close in color, the red pepper and chimichurri sauces delivered two nice slashes of green and red to the plate. The tart marinate made the tender steak a pleasure to eat. It too, was a winner.

Avo Modern Mexican – Mole Chicken and Brussel Sprouts
Avo Modern Mexican – Carne y Papas – Skirt Steak and Potato Wedges

On both visits, Michele had the same thing, the Torta de Pollo. This sandwich combined shredded chicken with bacon and avocado. With her aversion to spicy-hot foods, the creaminess of the combination was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Less successful was the handmade guacamole. We prefer a basic, or standard guacamole, so bypassed the half-dozen menu variations offered. We found it very plain, almost unseasoned. We didn’t finish it and forgot about the leftovers we brought home. It is unlikely we will order this again, but that will not stop us from returning. The nice atmosphere, helpful staff and fair price house wines (Dreaming Tree) will definitely bring us back as we return to normal in a post-pandemic world.

Stay tuned as we return to a more normal life of regular dining at restaurants.

https://www.avo-ohiocity.com/ 2058 W 25th Street Cleveland, OH 44113 216-331-6961

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