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Over our many, many years of eating out, we have enjoyed a handful of “favorite” restaurants where we tended to dine more often. Perhaps they weren’t the best restaurant in the city, though some certainly were, but they offered a collection of food we both loved, a staff that welcomed us with a grace that could not be perceived as false and an atmosphere that allowed us to relax and simply enjoy each other’s company.

It started with The Café, a little place on the corner of Lee Road and Redwood in Cleveland Heights. We were young, the prices were fair and the chef was constantly experimenting with unique and interesting specials. I suspect no place elevated our palettes higher than The Café. That was followed by Harry Corvair, which, at the time WAS the best in the city. For some reason, few people realized the value and it closed. Our next “long-term” relationship was at Sage in Tremont. Like The Café, the variety was remarkable. Everything on the menu was better than the next thing and there was constantly something new. In addition, I do not believe any dining room in the city ever made us feel so welcome. Today, we suspect that mantel is held by L’Albatros. We believe it to be the best Cleveland has to offer.

While we are not abandoning L’Albatros, Home Bistro is surely making a play for the top of our score card. After a few visits, Michele is addicted to the intoxicating Rainbow Trout. From across the table, Jeff is equally enamored. The slender filets of trout are seared to create a crunch skin without disturbing the tender, subtle flesh. Fingerling potatoes, a punchy horseradish sauce and topped with a fried egg. Not only does it taste perfect, it is beautifully presented, picture perfect upon arrival to the table.

Home Bistro – Rainbow Trout with a fried egg and a horseradish sauce.

The last time Jeff had mussels as an entrée was in a Belgian restaurant in Omaha. (They actually featured six different versions!) The Amsterdam Mussels at Home Bistro are presented in a spiced beer broth that encourages an extra slow dip after having dislodged the mollusk from its shell. On another visit Jeff was blown away by the Korean Fried Chicken. Like the fish, the exterior of the chicken thighs are crispy, the inside moist and tender, but of primary note is the unusual smoky flavor surrounding the perfectly spiced meat that is ever-present. Sitting on a bed of peanut puree and accompanied by snap peas cooked to a flawless crunch and some refreshing kimchi, Jeff thought this was the perfect meal. That is until the server recalled her favorite as we gushed over our dinners. Next time, Jeff is aiming toward the Ricotta Gnocchi. Michele is likely to stick with the trout.

Home Bistro – Amsterdam Mussels
Home Bistro – Korean Fried Chicken

During our visits we tried the Ricotta Donut Holes and the Cardamom Panna Cotta. Both were good. The rhubarb on the panna cotta was especially interesting.

Home Bistro opened during the pandemic. Perhaps the slower period of activity allowed the place to ease into maturing flavors, or maybe they are just darn good at what they do. Regardless, we are exciting this excellent new spot is so close to home. (We are however, less excited about the parking!) We will be back! As often as Sage or The Café? Time will tell, but as the Magic 8 Ball says, “It is promising.”

http://homebistrocle.com/ 12022 Mayfield Road Cleveland, OH 44106 216-795-5582

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