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We were big fans of Distil, the previous restaurant created by Eddie Tancredi, so when he announced its closing, we were disappointed. Delight returned when we heard about ETalian. After our first visit, ETalian is not so much a replacement for Distil, as it is a waystation on his journey as a restaurateur in the middle of confusing times. Were food creation a vocation, rather than an avocation, we’d probably do something similar. Find a place that needs a great product that can be easily packaged to go and whisked away for consumption. If there is room for in-house dining, so much the better.

This is a simple menu. Pizza. There are about six on a chalk board over the register. White, Margherita, Peperoni, Mushroom and a wonderful combo that immediately caught Michele’s eye, Bacon & Artichoke. The crust is superb. Chewy with the perfect charred flavor to support the toppings. Wiped with a touch of olive oil, a dot of salt and fired in the wood burning oven, it arrives hot and stays so on the aluminum pan. We’re not so sure how well these will travel, but you don’t have to worry about that. There are plenty of chairs and stools in the fabulous renovated old building and a cozy patio at its side. Jeff enjoyed the Peperoni which has a nice peppery heat and a tomato base, tasting completely different, despite the swap of only three ingredients.

Conventional soft drinks are not available. Some cane-sugar sodas, sparkling waters and Moretti birra are in a self-serve case. Next door, a wonderful wine store had the diet soda by the can that Michele craved. We shared an Antipasto Salad and it was less successful. Small and heavily laden with oils and trapped in a plastic to-go tub, we’ve made a mental note to forgo the salad and stick with the reason for a trip to ETalian, Pizza. Between the wonderful building and the tasty crust, you won’t soon forget this place. 13 Bell Street Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 400-600-2001

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